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{tip Eco-system in Belarus::Belarus is one of leaders in promoting financial inclusion and financial education with a focus on children and youth in the region. Financial education work is done systemically at the nation-wide level and is coordinated by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus. In January 2013, the Government of the Republic of Belarus approved the Joint Action Plan of Government Agencies and Financial Market Participants on Enhancing Financial Literacy of the Population of the Republic of Belarus for 2013-2018 and a package of actions to implement it. Over 50 stakeholders are involved in the implementation of this Joint Action Plan, and children and young people are one of the focus groups in the Plan.}Eco-system{/tip}            {tip System Change in Belarus::The National Bank of the Republic of Belarus was consulting CYFI Secretariat on the children and youth segment of its activities throughout the process of developing its activities for children and youth. Advice on content development, types of activities, implementation timeline of programs and sharing of best practices and international experience was provided by CYFI to Belorussian stakeholders. CYFI also facilitated the link between NBRB and Aflatoun to conduct teacher training on delivering financial education programs and teaching methodologies. With the support of CYFI Secretariat Global Money Week became the biggest awareness-raising campaign on the topic in the country, reaching more than 55 000 young people in 2015. In future, CYFI hopes to work towards having youth as a target group in the national Financial Inclusion strategy, promote product development and national standard for Child & Youth-friendly banking products, and introduce the integration of Financial Education in schools }System Change{/tip}            {tip Financial Inclusion in Belarus:: In 2014 the Ministry of Education and the National Bank adopted a long-term joint action plan to increase the level of financial literacy of children in the Republic between 2015 and 2018. Belarus is currently considering the development of a stand-alone national financial inclusion strategy for 2016-2020, where youth will be presented as the key target group, within the framework of its cooperation with the Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI). }Financial Inclusion{/tip}            {tip Economic Citizenship Education in Belarus:: There is a variety of financial education activities being conducted in Belarus by a wide range of different stakeholders, including social advertisements, bill boards, financial education competitions, quizzes and other events. The National Bank is very active at involving the private sector in the activities envisaged by the national plan, which led to a majority of banks in the country executing some form of financial education program for youth. }Economic Citizenship Education{/tip}

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* 'Youth' is considered to be ages 10-24 in this case.

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