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{tip Eco-System in Guatemala::Major developments for the Child and Youth Finance Movement have happened in Guatemala thanks to the efforts of Banguat and the Superintendencia de Bancos (SIB). Both organizations have committed to strengthen the regulatory and legal framework, increase access to basic financial services to the population, and enable the poor to build assets, enhance income, and reduce their vulnerability to economic shocks. Additionally, they have been strongly involved in the development of child and youth finance initiatives all over the country.}Eco-System{/tip}                  {tip System Change in Guatemala::Child and Youth Finance International has assisted with the coordination of efforts since 2012. Child and Youth Finance International hopes to contribute to the integration of the topics of financial education and financial inclusion in the national strategy. Additionally, the organization aims to continue supporting government institutions and regulatory authorities to put child and youth finance issues at the forefront of the agenda. } System Change{/tip}                  {tip Economic Citizenship Education in Guatemala::The Central Bank of Guatemala (Banco de Guatemala) initiated the development of a Financial Education Strategy as part of the discussions of the multi-stakeholder platform summoned by this institution in 2012. The Central Bank called for regular meetings of a financial education working group to discuss the possible development of a national strategy in the following years.}Economic Citizenship Education{/tip}          {tip Financial Inclusion in Guatemala: During 2014 and 2015, discussions have moved to the next level and currently the country is working on the development of a strategy for financial inclusion. }Financial Inclusion{/tip}

Country Partners and Collaborators

Central Bank of Guatemala

Superintendencia de Bancos Guatemala

ADIG - AsociaciĆ³n para el Desarrollo Integral Guatemalteco

AsociaciĆ³n Bancaria de Guatemala (Banking Association)


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