We did it!

We created the Movement we had always hoped to create for the financial inclusion and financial education of young people. 70 countries have changed policies. 175 countries took part in Global Money Week in which over 40 million children and youth were reached, and 63,000 organizations have been involved. Thank you thank you thank you for making this possible!!

CYFI has concluded its role as Movement coordinator and now the Movement have taken the lead. CYFI officially shut its doors on 31 December 2019.

We are so proud of reaching the Movement’s final milestone and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our goals a reality!!

Our Journey

Economic Citizenship Education Movement’s Video
CYFI’s Collaborative Systems Change Case Study

CYFI Initiatives that have graduated to partner organizations

Global Money Week (GMW)

GMW is now with the OECD International Network on Financial Education (OECD/INFE), which has been a strong strategic partners of Global Money Week. The OECD has been a key player in the Movement since its inception, having led the working group which created the Economic Citizenship Education curriculum framework in collaboration with UNICEF.

Read more here: www.globalmoneyweek.org

The Global Inclusion Awards (GIA)

GIA will be run by the Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI), and will leverage the expertise, innovations and know-how of the AFI network of national authorities, many of whom were leaders in the Movement.

Read more here: www.afi-global.org

Ye! Community for Young Entrepreneurs

Ye! will be taken over by the International Trade Centre (ITC), which has been a longtime supporter of Ye! since its launch, a partnership which was solidified by an MOU when Ye! was first launched.

Read more here: www.intracen.org


This program will be run by Aflatoun International in collaboration with the World Savings and Retail Banking Institute. Both institutions have been strategic partners of CYFI and have been part of forming the direction of the Movement and the SchoolBank program.

Read more here: www.aflatoun.org


Practical Guides

Global Money Week Reports

The Global Money Week Reports provide an overview of all Global Money Week activities across the world.

Global Inclusion Awards

From the first CYFI Awards Ceremony in Amsterdam in 2012, our celebration of the work of partners, stakeholders and active youth has evolved to become the Global Inclusion Awards. Read about our Awards winners and celebrations held in 2012 - 2017 below!

CYFI Global Summit Reports

The Summit Reports are comprehensive reports of the activities and outcomes of CYFI global summits.

Meeting Reports

Landscape Series

Thematic Publications

The Thematic Publications are in-depth explorations of topics related to full economic citizenship for children and youth.

Collaboration with the Network

These are publications produced by members of the CYFI network in which CYFI Secretariat staff have made significant contributions.

Network Briefs

Children, Youth & Finance

Annual Reports

The CYFI Secretariat aims to provide full transparency to its partners, stakeholders and funders, and complies with all reporting requirements for non-profit organizations which are registered in the Netherlands.

CYFI accounts undergo regular, detailed internal audits, as well as an annual external audit.The Secretariat publishes an annual summary of activities, external auditor's findings and its audited financial statements in its Annual Reports.

Thank You!

We humbly and sincerely thank you all once again for the amazing contributions you have given to the Movement, and which you continue to give. It is your tireless passion and leadership to drive change that will ensure that ultimately, all the world’s children will become self-reliant, full economic citizens.