First meeting of the South-Eastern European Working Group will take place in Sinaia, Romania, 2nd and 3rd of November 2015, kindly hosted by the National Bank of Romania!

South-Eastern European Regional Working Group for Youth Financial Education and Financial Inclusion will serve as the place for sharing best practices, exchanging experiences, identifying technical assistance opportunities to support action plans development and implementation by Child & Youth Finance International Secretariat and CYFI network members, and coordinate the regional initiatives and plans in the field of financial education and financial inclusion for children and youth.

The initial discussion on the formation of this Working Group on child and youth finance issues took place in October 2014 in Skopje during the Third CYFI Regional Meeting for Europe & Central Asia, organized by the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia, where representatives of the financial regulatory authorities and relevant ministries expressed a strong motivation for them to form a working committee to build a collaborative dynamic between institutions in the region.

The first meeting of the SEE Working Group will take place at the Training Center of the National Bank of Romania in Sinaia. The meeting will have the following objectives:

  • Defining the final structure of the Working Group;
  • Sharing experiences and best practices of countries and institutions of the region;
  • Identifying and discussing potential twinning arrangements between countries in the region;
  • Presenting CYFI tools and programmes to support financial education and inclusion initiatives in the countries;
  • Discussing challenges and opportunities in drafting and implementing a national strategy for financial education;
  • Identifying the annual work plan of the Working Group.

The meeting will feature representatives of financial regulatory authorities, ministries of education and ministries of finance from 7 countries of the region and external experts on national financial education and inclusion policies.


Member institutions of the Working Group are:


  • Ministry of Education and Sports of Albania



  • The Regulatory Body for Financial Education for Macedonia






  • National Education Institute of the Republic of Slovenia