Bank the Youth Campaign

#BankTheYouth is an exciting new advocacy campaign, delivered in partnership between CYFI and the United National Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), which seeks to increase access to responsible, accessible, and affordable finance for children and youth around the world.


Bank the Youth - Campaign Map

Some of the objectives of the Campaign include:

  • Coordinating efforts among different regulatory bodies developing closely aligned policies and activities that support financial inclusion for youth.
  • Encouraging Financial Service Providers to adopt industry standards of client protection and Child and Youth Friendly banking products.
  • Promoting the design of financial products that respond to the diverse needs of youth.
  • Investing in the development and delivery of financial education and entrepreneurship programmes to increase the financial capabilities of youth.


We have also created a range factsheets on youth financial inclusion in Benin, Burkina Faso, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Madagascar, Senegal, Uganda and Tanzania!


Become a #BankTheYouth Impact Champion!

Bank the Youth - Impact Champions


The #BankTheYouth campaign aims to recruit as many Impact Champions for the Campaign as possible,

Impact Champions can be organizations of all shapes and sizes who are willing to drive the change towards greater youth financial inclusion. Impact Champions promote the values and principles of the Campaign to a wider audience, both within and beyond their own organization.


Impact champions can influence others by:

Actively participating in the Global Money Week and the World’s Savings day

Actively disseminating knowledge products, and participating in technical discussions and events organized the Campaign

Actively recruiting members for the campaign by promoting its messages in social media, in-person meetings etc.

 Looking for opportunities to incorporate the #BankTheYouth Campaign into local, national and international events

Campaign activities include:

Topical Webinars

Monthly Messages highlighting exciting developments in youth financial services

Gathering and promoting of success stories from the field

 Circulation of knowledge products useful to youth finance practitioners.



Bank the Youth Campaign - Become an Impact Champion Brief (.pdf)

Bank the Youth Impact Champion Application Form (.doc)

Impact Champion list (as of May 2017)


If you are interested in joining the Campaign, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.