Ye! Community is an entrepreneurship platform that provides an online community and support to young entrepreneurs between the ages of 16 and 30. Ye! Community connects young entrepreneurs around the world and links them to various tools, resources and opportunities to support the growth of their enterprises.

What is Ye! Community's mission?

    Ye! Community’s mission is to: 
    Support youth entrepreneurship;
    Promote ethical entrepreneurial culture;
    Stimulate job creation.


How do we do it?


        Funding opportunities

        Useful tools


Meet some of our young entrepreneurs!

Anielle dreams of improving social housing conditions in Brazil with the use of 3D technology. The current housing for urban poor is mostly old, poorly designed and failing to meet the increasing demands of the Brazilian population. Through Urban3D, Anielle wants to use 3D-printed housing to provide better and low-cost housing solutions and improve the city landscape of Brazil.

Anielle attended the Ye!-UNCTAD pitching event in Geneva in 2015. She’s also the Ye! Ambassador for Brazil


Adeloye is a social innovator passionate about Maternal and Newborn Health. He’s the mind behind SaferMom, a startup which uses SMS platforms to track and provide mothers with vital health information throughout pregnancy and the baby's early years.

Adeloye is the Ye! Ambassador for Nigeria.


Traditional crops drying techniques result in significant waste and inefficiency in many developing countries. Ernest founded iHarvest, a crop-drying machine, to help farmers reduce food waste. Based in the Philippines, iHarvest+ is unique in terms of combination of the processes for different crops such as rice, corn and coffee and other grain products while maintaining the quality of the product in a fast drying method.

Ernest participated in the Ye! Amsterdam BoostCamp in 2015 and is now working with his university on developing the prototype of iHarvest.

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