3 Ways Technology is Disrupting Education


The technology industry is one of the most dynamic, adaptive and diverse markets one can think of in this current age. To think almost a 100 years ago we were just getting accustomed to Nikola Tesla’s invention of using Electricity to enhance the home, to now, having a computer with almost the same processing power as the human brain is simply astounding. From that time until now, we can clearly see Moore’s Law in full effect, and it won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Theorists predict that within the next 50 years technology will be advancing at such a high pace that it will be next to impossible to keep up with it’s progress, ‘The Singularity’.

Based on the trends and the tendencies of the market currently it is said that we’re stepping into the ‘Age of the Quantified Self’, many persons will be using wearable tech devices, like the Nike Fuel band, more frequently to get detailed information about their bodies in order to help them make better decisions in regards to their health. This era is propelled by ‘The Internet of Things’, where everyday items around the home, workplace, in stores, etc, will be able to give detailed information about the duties they perform.

The Education Industry is not exempt from this type of disruption, and it has gone under several rounds of technological advancement. In this blog I’ll expound on the current state of the Education Industry, ways it will thrive and how technology based learning will change the industry.

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Thursday, 17 October 2019