Child-Friendly Banking Product Development Workshop in Bangladesh

CYFI provided a Child-friendly Banking Product Development Workshop from 6-8 December in Bangladesh, co-hosted by the Bangladesh Bank at the Bangladesh Bank Training Academy in Mirpur, Dhaka.

The workshop had attendance and delegates from 42 commercial banks working in the field of product development, product design, product marketing, and product strategy. In addition, the workshop was joined by 6 officials from the central bank to learn from the sessions and provide feedback from the viewpoint of the regulators.

In particular, the Stakeholders Meeting provided a platform to start discussions on the importance of financial education and financial inclusion of young people in Vietnam – an area that shows immense potential in development. Best practices and case studies that were achieved across the world were presented, as well as concrete actions that the country may take to be able to move forward.

Included in the Stakeholders Meeting were the discussions for the launch of a national effort on Global Money Week for 2017. A portion of the meeting also provided an opportunity to present a portion of the National Strategy for Financial Education Workshop to potentially assist the country in developing a child-centred financial education strategy.

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Saturday, 19 August 2017
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