CYFI joins Canadians in Celebrating Financial Literacy Month

November is Financial Literacy Month in Canada with activities for people of all ages happening across the country to promote financial responsibility and financial well-being. Each week has a dedicated theme related to budgeting, saving, living within your means and knowing your financial rights and responsibilities.

Initiated by Canada’s Financial Literacy Action Group in 2011, Financial Literacy Month has now been established as an annual event by the Canadian Government. Last year, Financial Literacy Month involved hundreds of organizations by holding nearly 1500 seminars, workshops and other promotional events. Information about all of the events that are taking place, as well as the leading financial education resources available to all Canadians, can be found on the Canadian Financial Literacy Database. Many events are taking place over the month, including the Financial Literacy Research Symposium in Moncton

Supporting Financial Literacy

CYFI supports national initiatives to promote financial literacy and intergenerational dialogue on money matters, sustainable livelihoods and economic citizenship. This is done through Global Money Week our international conferences, workshops and publications. We are pleased to see the momentum that is building each year in Canada around Financial Literacy Month, involving many participants from the public sector, private sector and civil society. The themes that are promoted throughout the month are very much in line with CYFI’s thematic priorities in Economic Citizenship Education: planning and budgeting, understanding financial services, prioritizing spending needs and consumer protection.

Since 2012, CYFI has maintained strong relationships with the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) and the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education (CFEE), both members of Canada’s Financial Literacy Steering Committee. CYFI was honoured to take part in the Financial Literacy Conference in 2014 in Vancouver where Canada’s new Financial Literacy Strategy “Count me in, Canada” was officially launched, including a specific focus on tending to the financial needs of young Canadians.

Canada will also be well represented at the upcoming Global Inclusion Awards 2016, with FCAC nominated as a finalist for the CYFI Country Award – America’s & The Caribbean and CFEE and Care Canada each nominated as finalists for the CYFI Civil Society Achievement Award.

CYFI wishes Canadians much success during Financial Literacy Month and looks forward to continuing to support and document the exciting initiatives that are happening in the country to bolster financial literacy and further development the next generation of economic citizens.

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