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March 13-2015, Amsterdam, the Netherlands - 16 March 2015 will mark the European launch of Ye! - the global youth entrepreneurship platform. The launch will take place at the EESC in Brussels, Belgium. The event is being held under the auspices of the European Parliament as a symbol of their support for young people and youth entrepreneurs in Europe. The event also marks the penultimate day of 2015 Global Money Week, a money awareness, savings, and entrepreneurship campaign for children and youth. Several million young people in more than 100 countries worldwide have participated in fun Global Money Week activities during the 2015 campaign.

The Ye! platform links young entrepreneurs to experienced coaches and investors, useful tools and resources and other entrepreneurial youth across the world. The launch event will feature a unique pitching event in which ten promising entrepreneurs from Europe and around the world, all under the age of 30, will pitch their businesses to investors, policy makers, bankers and other financial experts. Speakers will include Mr. Philippe De Backer, MEP, European Parliament, Mr. Marko Curavic, Entrepreneurship and Social Economy, European Commission, Ms. Monica Chaves, Director of MasterCard Global Philanthropy, and Mr. Olivier Debande, European Investment Bank.

What is Ye!?

Ye! is an online and offline portal which has been developed by Child and Youth Finance International (CYFI) for the next generation of leading entrepreneurs. Ye! connects young entrepreneurs from across the world and provides them with an ecosystem designed to help their business thrive. On Ye!, young entrepreneurs can share their experiences, look for country specific resources and access country entrepreneurship guides, apply for coaching and gain access to funding opportunities.

"Entrepreneurship is an on-ramp to financial inclusion and an important pathway to economic prosperity" said Monica Chaves, Director for Global Philanthropy at the MasterCard Center for Inclusive Growth. "Helping young entrepreneurs gain the essential tools for success is not just a noble cause. It is a necessity to ensure that the economy remains dynamic and competitive."

"Building a thriving community of young entrepreneurs would not be possible without the support of partners such as MasterCard." - Jeroo Billimoria, Managing Director, Child & Youth Finance International

Developed by a young entrepreneurial team, the portal incorporates ideas and suggestions of young entrepreneurs from different parts of the world, to make sure that Ye! is up to date with their latest needs and best accommodates them. The team will continue to involve the community for feedback so it will truly be the global community for and by young entrepreneurs. The Ye! initiative is supported by MasterCard Corporation, a world leader in card and cashless payment services.

Ye!'s ambition is to reach 10 million young entrepreneurs by 2020, leveraging the strong foundation of CYFI's global network and success.

Why Ye!?

Worldwide, 357.7 million youth were not in education, employment, or training in 2010. This number is increasing. Over the next 10 years, 600 million jobs need to be created "in order to generate sustainable growth and maintain social cohesion" (WorldBank, 2012). By stimulating and supporting the next generation of high-level entrepreneurs, Ye! empowers youth to take control of their own futures and stimulates job creation. Technology has proven to be a low cost channel for people to connect and have access to resources in a way that has been unimaginable before. Ye! leverages the power of technology and establishes a global online community for entrepreneurs.

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About Global Money Week

Global Money Week is an annual global financial literacy and entrepreneurship celebration. Countries from every continent participate in order to raise awareness of the importance of financial education and financial inclusion for children and youth. Global Money Week is coordinated and led by Child & Youth Finance International (CYFI), a non-profit organization based in Amsterdam. Major participating organizations include Central Banks, governmental authorities, NGOs, banking associations, financial institutions, corporations, schools, local businesses, and youth groups among others.

In 2012, 21 countries participated in Global Money Week, reaching 33,000 children. In 2013, the number of countries taking part rose by 281% to 80 countries, reaching over 1 million children with 403 organizations involved. In 2014 118 countries with 490 organizations were involved, reaching 3 million children. For many of the participating countries, Global Money Week provided a platform for multi-sectorial national stakeholders to collaborate -many for the first time - on developing financial education and inclusion initiatives and policies in their countries.

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About the Child and Youth Finance Movement

Amsterdam-based Child and Youth Finance International (CYFI) leads the world's largest Movement dedicated to enhancing the financial capabilities of children and youth. Launched in April 2012, the CYF Movement has already reached over 100 countries and has more than 35 million young people. The CYF Movement has one central objective: increase the economic citizenship of children and youth. Children and youth are the future economic actors whose financial decisions will dictate the future of world economies. Providing young people with the economic and social environment to prosper and the competences (financial, social and livelihoods) to thrive has a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals and the communities in which they live.

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