JobsInNigeria – A Job Search Engine in Nigeria

How do you find your job?

The most likely answers one can expect from many of us are: recruitment agency, Internet, newspaper, recommendation from someone, job fair, etc. The fact is, even in developed economies where information seems easily accessible, one can often struggles to find information of available and suitable jobs.

How about in developing continents such as Africa? The region’s rapidly growing economy is creating jobs for many. It is estimated that Africa will create over 54 million “new, stable wage-paying” jobs over the next decade, according to McKinsey Global Institute[1]. However, it remains a great challenge for a majority of workforce in Africa to access job information due to the underdevelopment of facilities around the labor market. Internet is still costly for a majority of population. People living in remote areas face significant barriers to seek any job information and related career support.

Olufuwa Tayo and Dele Bakare, two young Nigerians launched JobsInNigeria in 2012, a job search engine aiming to help job seekers in Nigeria access job information and apply for jobs. One year since its launch, the platform has reached 150,000 users and continues to grow.

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Thursday, 17 October 2019