Successful culmination of Flagship Visegrad project – Experience exchange between Central and Eastern Europe

In October 2016 CYFI and its 9 project partners have successfully concluded the project, supported by the V4EaP Program of International Visegrad Fund, aimed at experience exchange between Central European (Visegrad) countries and Eastern European (Visegrad Partnership) countries in financial education strategies and programmes for young people.

In the course of just a bit more than a year, six events were conducted in different parts of the region, and a number of distinctive training materials were produced and translated in various languages. CYFI network members from public sector in the region took an active part in project activities. For example, the National Bank of Belarus and CYFI organized an international curriculum integration seminar for more than 40 representatives of educational authorities in Belarus. The seminar was inaugurated by the Deputy Governor of the National Bank and featured sharing country experience on integration of financial education components in the school curriculum from national authorities from Brazil, Moldova and Ukraine.

In Ukraine, the National Bank also supported the organization of the dissemination seminar and hosted a workshop for banking and civil society sectors on the development of responsible banking products and financial literacy programs for young people. The Master Training in Tbilisi was attended not only by partner organizations, but also by representatives of the financial regulators from Belarus, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

These and many other examples show the multi-stakeholder approach to all aspects and themes of this project. More information about these and other meetings and activities of the project can be found in the Project Report, recently published by CYFI Secretariat.

Visegrad countries have been among the pioneers in introducing financial education in the national curricula and also dedicating resources to the creation of national programs or of national strategies for financial education for a long time.

However while implementing the project, CYFI and its project partners noticed the lack of such documented cases about Visegrad countries, containing comprehensive information about the national policies, standards and program highlights with regards to financial education for young people. Therefore, we have also put together a Best Practice Report, aimed at briefly outlining the case for youth financial education practices in Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

CYFI would like to extend our gratitude to our project partners that made implementation of this project a particularly fruitful and enriching experience: Microfinance Center – Poland , Institute of Banking Education of the National Bank of Slovakia , The Foundation for Improvement of Financial Culture (Alapítvány a Pénzügyi Kultúra Fejlesztéséért) – Hungary, European Financial Planning Association – Czech Republic, LEPL National Youth and Children Palace of Georgia , Banking University – Ukraine, Institute of Educational Sciences – Republic of Moldova, Youth Entrepreneurship Support and Development Center – Belarus, Reliable Youth Future NGO – Azerbaijan

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