Three affiliated organizations for youth ranked in world’s Top 100 NGOs!

For the second year running, three organizations founded by Jeroo Billimoria have been ranked in the world's Top 100 NGOs!

The newest rankings of NGO Advisor's Top 500 NGOs list place Aflatoun International 29th, Child & Youth Finance International (CYFI) 45th and Child Helpline International 95th on the list of the world's top charitable organizations.

Joining other leading NGOs working to better the lives of children and young people, all three organizations were founded by pioneering social entrepreneur, Jeroo Billimoria. Being the only individual in the world with three different organizations ranked in the top 100, Jeroo has worked to empower young people and has challenged the systems which perpetuate poverty for over 25 years.

One social entrepreneur, three leading organizations

Jeroo founded CYFI, Aflatoun International and Child Helpline International with the intention of improving the lives of young people worldwide.

From working with street children in her native Mumbai to challenging financial systems which continue to limit young people in reaching their potential, Skoll awardee and Ashoka and Schwab Fellow Jeroo's work has been recognized around the world.

Jeroo credits the success of her three Amsterdam-based NGOs to their collaborative work to create lasting change. Of the incredible rankings, she said:

'I am delighted that three of my organizations have been recognized in the world's Top 100 NGOs for their work in supporting children and young people. The power of children knowing about money, saving and believing in themselves is key to positive and sustainable impact.'

A network approach lies at the heart of the successes of all three organizations in supporting child rights globally, with each working with a range of institutions, governments and organizations at international, regional and local levels.

Together, these three organizations have helped more than half a billion young people worldwide and continue to positively impact the lives of young people across 139 countries.

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Saturday, 19 August 2017
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