Workshop on active learning methods and product development workshop for child and youth friendly banking products in Azerbaijan

CYFI, together with its project partner Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Reliable Youth Future NGO, held a seminar in Baku on 29 – 31 August on active learning methods for financial education and access to basic financial services for young people in Azerbaijan.

The workshop took place at the Training Center of Access Bank and saw the participation of 20 representatives of the banking sector, financial regulatory and educational authorities and civil society sector representatives.

The workshop had the following objectives:

  • To train trainers engaged in the delivery of financial education programs on active learning methods for financial education;
  • To present the concept of an integrated approach to financial education to local stakeholders in Azerbaijan;
  • To introduce the concept of SchoolBank and its various implementation options;
  • Discuss the existing financial education programs for children and youth in Azerbaijan and the project partner presentation of updates on their program (Reliable Youth Future NGO);

The first two days of the seminar focused on active learning methods. Participants enjoyed learning how financial education can be delivered in an innovative and fun manner. These methods can be applied not only to children and youth programs but also to adults in any contexts. During the third day of the seminar, CYFI presented parts of its Product Development Workshop module, including business and CSR case for financial institutions, and discussed various technological and innovative solutions for Azerbaijani FSPs to start investing in savings programs for youth. The workshop was conducted by CYFI Head of Network Advisory Services Bianca Isaincu.

The workshop was conducted as part of the project CYFI is implementing with its project partners from 9 countries within the ‘Visegrad 4 Eastern Partnership (V4EaP) Program - Flagship Projects’- "Transferring the experience of the Visegrad countries in the Eastern Partnership countries and the development of capacity and technical expertise in the field of financial education for children and youth", supported by International Visegrad Fund.

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Tuesday, 10 December 2019