3 Top NGOs, 1 Social Entrepreneur: Jeroo Billimoria is One of a Kind

Jeroo Billimoria, Child & Youth Finance International’s Managing Director, a1sx2_250_Jeroo_OECD-CYFI-MoU_2014_web.jpg is the only social entrepreneur with three NGOs recognized among the world’s top charitable organizations according to the latest world rankings by Global Geneva. With a highly competitive application process non-government organizations ranked in Global Geneva’s Top 500 NGO list are considered to be world leaders in their field.

Jeroo established Aflatoun, Child Helpline International and Child & Youth Finance International due to her passionate belief that young people deserve to be happy, healthy and safe. Her innovative approach to a fundamental social concern – the well-being of children and youth – has earned her fellowships with Ashoka: Innovators for the Public, the Skoll Foundation and the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship.

Congratulations Jeroo! We are so proud of you and to be a part of your social enterprise family.

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Partnering with Teacher Training Institutes to promote Child Social and Financial Education

A new report from Aflatoun describes how partnering with Teacher Training Institutes has been a better strategy to guarantee quality and scale of programming than traditional approaches using Regional Master Trainers.

link:  Aflatoun report

Through funding from the CITI Foundation, Aflatoun worked with local partners in Kenya (Bondo Teacher Training College) and Jordan (Jordan River Foundation) to promote active learning methods in the context of Child Social and Financial Enterprise, helping local teacher-educator staff to apply these methods to key subjects in the national curriculum. 8 key findings emerged from the project that were outline in the report.

Additional information on the project can be found at www.aflatounacademy.org

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Coconut Spoons & Citrus Enterprises– Aflatoun Stakeholder Meeting in Sri Lanka

Coconut Spoons & Citrus Enterprises– Aflatoun Stakeholder Meeting in Sri Lanka

In a classroom in a Sri Lankan village 9 year old Kasun* sit together with the other children of the Aflatoun and NECY children club. He proudly wears the t-shirt that he got from the village cooperative bank when he and the other kids of the club were playing elle. He had played a great game that day and it had earned him one of the t-shirt he was now wearing. Although it is getting a bit washed out now, he stills wears it as often as he can as a memory of a great day (and of course to remind everyone in the club of what a good elle player he is!). 

Last week the whole group went out to collect the fallen tamarinds and lemons that were lying under the trees. After packaging them they could sell them and make good money for their club. They had all been very excited over their success and by the thrilling feeling of being able to earn their own money. The next day they all went together to the local bank to save the money at their own account for future club activities. Today that same excited atmosphere is in the air, as they are staring a new idea: making spoons out of coconut shells. Sashini* had learned how to do it from her grandmother, and last meeting they decided to try to repeat their last success by making and selling the spoons. 

Aflatoun and NECY

The foundation for stories like these were first created in February 2011 when The Network for Education, Children and Youth (NECY) took the first steps to implement the CYFI Partner Organization Aflatouns' social and financial education for children and youth in Sri Lanka. Together with NECY, government mandated children clubs were set up for children to learn about their social and financial rights and responsibilities, saving and starting group enterprises. The movement currently reaches over 17.000 children and youth. 

Stakeholder Meetings 10th & 12th of September

In order to further ensure the success of social and financial education in Sri Lanka Aflatoun is arranging half-day meetings in Kandy and Colombo on September 10 and September 12. The purpose is to connect the organizations that are working with financial education and inclusion for children and youth in Sri Lanka for sharing best practices and work towards building a country-level network. Read more about the meeting here

 *In order to protect the privacy of the children, Kasun and Sashini are fictional characters. The stories are based on the progress and real events of Aflatoun and NECY children clubs.

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