Unlocking Creativity through Playing - Interview with Matteo di Pascale

This week we would like to present you our interview with Matteo di Pascale, a young Italian writer, designer and artist. He is the creator of Intùiti Creative Cards. Introduced as “a deck of cards for Creativity” and “serious game”, Intùiti aims to provide people with an effective tool for brainstorming and to spur creative thinking.

What drove you to create Intùiti?

Matteo di Pascale

Passion. I designed Intùiti because I thought there was a gap in the way creativity is dealt. At the university they teach it as mechanical methods – brainstorming, mid maps, etc. – which are widely used in agencies. And I've always believed that creativity is something more than a simple equation. That's why I put my efforts in an unconventional tool such as Intùiti. Then, after having realized that it was a very difficult product to place, I tried to raise the funds for a first production through the platform   Kickstarter.com. The result was very satisfying: I got the resources to produce the paper version of Intùiti and to develop the Intùiti app for both iOS and Android.

What was the biggest challenge you experienced in the journey of Intùiti? How did you overcome it?

The biggest challenge is always not to give up. This journey started almost 3 years ago and it's easy to think: «Ok, this is not working. Let's just move on». I've been on the edge of resignation several times, and it's all a matter of finding the energy to keep going. You just have to believe in what you are doing and continue working: a good idea is not enough; you have to sweat really hard.

Is there anything that you would have done otherwise with Intùiti?

You learn from your mistakes, so they are pretty useful. I only have some regrets for what regards the level of stress: sometimes I think I could have handled myself better.

What is your vision for Intùiti in the next three years?

Intùit should be produced by a publisher, possibly for both the Italian and the international market, and communicated in two different ways: for tarot lovers, as a new vision of the classical cards, and for creatives, as a peculiar tool for inspiration.

What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs?

Be sincere with yourself. If you don't like your product, change it or drop it. Imagine to be working on that for the next 5 years: if you love it, it would be an amazing adventure (also if it's not successful); otherwise you are just wasting your energy.



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