Partnering with Teacher Training Institutes to promote Child Social and Financial Education

A new report from Aflatoun describes how partnering with Teacher Training Institutes has been a better strategy to guarantee quality and scale of programming than traditional approaches using Regional Master Trainers.

link:  Aflatoun report

Through funding from the CITI Foundation, Aflatoun worked with local partners in Kenya (Bondo Teacher Training College) and Jordan (Jordan River Foundation) to promote active learning methods in the context of Child Social and Financial Enterprise, helping local teacher-educator staff to apply these methods to key subjects in the national curriculum. 8 key findings emerged from the project that were outline in the report.

Additional information on the project can be found at

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Young Entrepreneur Alert! 10 year old Luca save animals and sings to give hope about a better world

Young Entrepreneur Alert! 10 year old Luca save animals and sings to give hope about a better world

Young Luca Berardi may only be 10 years old, but it has not stopped him from taking action to make his change in the world. Living in Nairobi, Kenya Luca has already started an animal and wildlife preserve organization, recorded a music album about saving the world, and even written a book.

We checked in with him and his mom in Nairobi to learn more about this little hero and his biggest passion in life – saving animals and making the world a better place.

Luca has loved animals since as long as he can remember, and his passion truly shines from his eyes when asked about his favorite animals. He quickly put three fingers up in the air proudly stating: “I actually have three favorite animals!”. He continue by eagerly telling about the Peregrine Falcon (the fastest animal in the world), the Tiger (the largest cat in the world), and the Cheetah (the third fastest animal in the world). After thinking for a while he added: “I actually like any animal in the world… Except maybe slug and snail.”

Luca started his organization Young Animal Rescue Heroes – YARH – one year ago.

“I was reading a book at the library about endangered animals and I thought ‘I could do something’”

When he got home that day he started thinking about ways he could get involved to help the endangered species he had read about. And he came up with the idea to start his own wildlife rescue organization: YARH.

Shortly after the idea for his organization was born he went to an environmental camp and held a speech about his newly founded idea and organization. Afterwards a man from the Giraffe Centre in Kenya, came up to show his support, and encouraged Luca to keep up his great and important work. After the camp and the encouraging words Lucas idea grew stronger and he started doing his first YARH project: recycling paper. “We go to different offices and gather the waste paper, my dad helps me pick it up. After this we sort out the paper and Chandaria Industries come and pick up the paper and recycle it. This way we can save trees.”

Watch Luca tell more about his organization in this video for ’Kids are Heroes’, and take a look at the YARH website.

Luca is not only busy with his organization. Along side YARH he is also making a music record with songs he wrote himself called ‘The World We Wished For’. He has been singing since the age of three, and when he got asked about making a music record it was clear to him what it should be about: how to make the world a better place. “I dream about a world that is a beautiful place without war, deforestation, the animals and the people are living equally.” His first song ‘A Better Place’ sends the message to start caring about each other, and even though times might seem though there is still an opportunity for all of us to make the world a better place. “I saw so much suffering in the world, and I really wanted to make a song to show that there is hope in the world too.” When talking to Luca about recording in a real music studio and making a professional music video, he would rather talk about the song and the meaning he hopes it will have to others:

“It felt great to record the song, I was finally going to be able to tell people that there is still hope and try to make the world a better place.”

Check out the music video of ‘A Better Place’ here.

We thank Luca and his mother for taking the time to talk with us and we are looking forward to see what steps this young little entrepreneur will take next.

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Pesacard: A Smartcard to Boost Financial Empowerment of Children in Kenya

In Kenya, 75% of the country’s 40 million citizens own a mobile phone and a similar percentage of that sector uses mobile money services, particularly M-PESA. Behind the scenes, the key player driving financial inclusion is not a bank but the leading mobile phone service provider – Safaricom.

Read more at the Youth Tech Blog

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