Launching the Ye! Stream

The Ye! Stream is the newest addition to the Ye! Website!

Ever needed a business-related question answered immediately? Then the Ye! Stream is the place to go! No time to wait? No problem. Providing an interactive news feed and online forum, the Stream will be accessible to Ye! Community members—both coaches and entrepreneurs. The stream will allow members to dialogue directly amongst one another. 

Log onto the Ye! site, head to the stream page and post your questions directly to the community. Have a question on how to use a tool or about the legal structure in a certain country? Post it to the stream and have the community of young entrepreneurs respond with their personal experiences, insights, and advice. The stream will be available to members in both Arabic and English.

The Ye! Live Stream will also feature, "Ask a Coach" bi-weekly sessions. These live sessions will feature a coach or a business expert responding to community sourced questions in real-time. Coaches will be available for one hour at a scheduled date and time to answer all your most pressing entrepreneurship questions. Prior to the coach's appearance on the stream, a short bio explaining their experience and area of expertise will be posted to the Ye! Blog and subsequent social media channels. Questions, topics of interest, and the expert's follow-up advice will also be posted to the Ye! Blog following each session for anyone who missed out.

Join Ye! In launching the Ye! Stream and see what the global community of young entrepreneurs has to offer.

Are you an entrepreneur age 16-30? Apply to become a member of Ye! and join the global community of young entrepreneurs

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Youth Financial Inclusion is Officially a Priority of the G20: Hurray for Turkey!

It is with great pride that we share that youthTurkey-G20-Logo.png will now be at the forefront of the advancement in global financial inclusion according to the Turkish Presidency of the G20. The Presidency newly announced their 2015 financial inclusion agenda which begins with a strong focus on youth. The Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI), the inclusive platform of the G20, will respond to the need for financial inclusion and financial education for youth focusing on the following points:

  • promoting youth entrepreneurship and tackle youth unemployment,
  • supporting innovative solutions,
  • enhancing access to finance for youth,
  • collecting data and developing impact indicators for youth.

Turkey will work on youth related issues by emphasizing the importance of investing in the next generation. The G20 is committed to removing barriers for youth in access to finance, to promote financial literacy for youth, to encourage personal financial responsibility and, most importantly, to develop policies to foster youth entrepreneurship.

Child & Youth Finance International (CYFI), as an Affiliated Partner of the GPFI, will contribute in shaping the Youth focus as a crosscutting theme among the GPFI financial inclusion agenda.

CYFI, on behalf of the Child and Youth Finance Movement enthusiastically welcome these advancements toward a more inclusive financial climate for youth and thank the Turkish Presidency for making this possible.

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New Partnership to Increase Youth Savings Behavior

The World Assembly of Youth (WAY) held their 16th General Assembly in Tirana, Albania from December 7-11th, 2014. WAY is the international coordinating body of national youth councils and organizations with 120 member organizations, from every continent.

WAY & CYFI Partnership Announced

WAY announced their new partnership with CYFI during the Assembly, resulting in Child & Youth Finance International (CYFI) becoming an official consultative WAY member. The partnership will extend both CYFI and WAYs networks and allow both organizations to work together to further the interest of youth around the world in regard to savings accounts, money management skills and youth leadership.

Savings Accounts and Money Management Skills

This year’s General Assembly brought together youth and youth organizations from around the world to discuss issues concerning youth empowerment and youth leadership. The WAY General Assembly is conducted once every 4 years, so CYFI’s Youth Coordinator Kim DeRose was honored to address the General Assembly on the importance of savings accounts and money management skills for children and youth.


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High-School Student Publishes Book on Finance!

CYFI Youth Committee member Mahir Jethanandani from USA has recently had his book, The Immaculate Investor, published on Amazon!

a1sx2_The Immaculate Investor by Mahir Jethanandani_The-Immaculate-Investor.jpg

The Immaculate Investor

The Immaculate Investor delves into the world of finance, economics, and investing for the sole purpose of demystifying how the money around us functions, operates, and works. Bunking the myth of taxes, loans, and retirement being difficult processes and concepts to understand, The Immaculate Investor lays down the solid foundation of what every student, adult, and financially aware person should know. The Immaculate Investor was written in the eyes of a sixteen-year-old, whose desire was to accumulate the knowledge he learned over the course of nine years, from the opening of his first bank account, and what he sought to underline as the necessities and concepts needed to understand the world of finance and money.

Way to go Mahir!

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CYFI’s Young Interns Voice Their Opinions!

On 6 November, three very talented CYFI Interns were asked to express their opinions as the "views of young adults" at the 2nd OECD/GFLEC Global Policy Research Symposium to Advance Financial Literacy in Paris, France. The three expressed their opinions during a session that focused on the gaps in students' financial literacy.

Consulting Youth

Here is what they had to say about their experience:

a1sx2_CYFI Interns at OECD Symposium_CYFI-Interns-at-OECD-Symposium.jpg

Shaireen Moon (Pakistan) - The OECD Conference was truly an enlightening experience, it was wonderful to see all of the attendees so interested in what we, as the youth, had to say – many people came up to us in person and spoke to us about what we felt were ideal practices in term of financial education!

Thomas Van Vynckt (Belgium) - I am proud of having been part of the first ever group of students to have been invited to speak at an OECD conference. Being asked about my opinion by experts and professionals on what the necessary tools and steps are to improve financial inclusion was incredibly motivating.

Priyanth Pathmarajah (Netherlands) - I enjoyed the conference very much. It was a very educational experience and it was nice and inspiring to see how the high level people approached us after our session to ask us about our opinions. It is a pretty amazing feeling to be one of the first students who spoke to the audience during an OECD meeting and I hope that in the future there will be more and more input of students during these kinds of meetings.

CYFI is very proud of the great job that they did and of the wonderful contribution they are making to the Movement!

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Expanding Youth Entrepreneurship Education

Youth included in strengthening entrepreneurship education in Europe, while JADE and Microsoft renew their Education Transformation Agreement.

On November 4th, Thomas Van Vynckt and Philip Harris from CYFI’s Innovations team took part in the Generations Club organized by JADE (the European Confederation of Junior Enterprises) in Brussels, supported by Microsoft. The meeting’s theme centered on asking the youth participants how entrepreneurship education can be expanded, strengthened and encouraged, with the main objective being to find sustainable ways to raise a generation of leaders. As an outcome of the meeting JADE and Microsoft renewed their Education Transformation Agreement to work together against ever-increasing challenges, and opportunities in entrepreneurship education. A take-away from the meeting was that if entrepreneurship education is to tangibly boost young enterprises then it needs to be taught both in and out of the classroom, and support should be encouraged not only by educators but by policy-makers and parents too.

JADE and Microsoft renew Education Transformation Agreement Youth representatives discuss entrepreneurship education in Europe Innovation Department youth representatives on their way to discuss entrepreneurship education

Young Leaders

Thomas and Philip were 2 of the young representatives who were chosen to speak on behalf of young entrepreneurs in Europe. With meeting attendees ranging from Microsoft, Ernst & Young and members of the European Parliament, the meeting set an example of how the private sector and policy-makers can empower youthby giving them the opportunity to hold leadership roles.

If you believe in the youth’s ability to lead a new generation of sustainably-minded, passionate and driven young entrepreneurs then donate to Child & Youth Finance International today and support the #youngleaders of tomorrow!

Images courtesy of Thomas Van Vyck and JADE
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Young Women Learn Money Management Skills

On October 12-13, the Baizat team ran a series of “My Money Skills” workshops with young women (aged 12-18) from Sajaya Girls Centers in Sharjah and Kalba. The workshop was initially developed by Visa and the Emirates Foundation. In each course, 25 young ladies participated in personal finance lectures and activities which covered topics such as budgeting, decision making and banking services. The final part of the course involved a field trip to a financial institution or a local supermarket, in order to teach the young women about the basics of decision making and the major areas of personal finance that young individuals will encounter both today and tomorrow, such as budgeting, banking services and the costs of living alone.

a1sx2_Baizat My Money Skills Workshop with young women_Baizat-My-Money-Skills-Workshop.jpg
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Free Mentoring for Youth Start-ups!

Free mentoring for young start-ups!

Are you a young entrepreneur with a business which you would like to develop or scale up? Are you looking for a free coaching service? Just sign yourself up at and you can get linked with an experienced coach!

This service is part of the new Youth-Co program from Child and Youth Finance International, supporting young entrepreneurs worldwide. Youth-Co aims to be a global online platform where young entrepreneurs aged 16 to 30 can find information, an online community to meet and connect with other young entrepreneurs, free coaching and a link to potential investors. These features will appear soon, with the objective of reaching over 10 million youth worldwide by 2020!

If you would like more information or if you would like to take part in the project as a partner , please contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Bankaroo – A Virtual Banking App developed by an 11 year old

Danielle wanted to build a website and a mobile application that will help parents teach kids about the value of money, as well as help them manage their allowance, gift and chores money.

This was the inception of the bankaroo idea.

She came up with bankaroo (, a free service that is a virtual bank for kids money, where they can save up for goals, use money for different things while their parents can add allowance, chore and gift money into their virtual account. The real money stays in the parents’ wallets, but the virtual representation of it is very real.

Read more

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Ummeli – Youth Workforce Development Mobile Platform

Two years since it launched, Ummeli is about to reach 250 000 users, turning it into the leading workforce development mobile platform in Africa.

The Nguni word for mediator, Ummeli began as a mobile community for young Africans who are classified as NEET – Not in Employment, Education or Training. Youth lack the funds, resources and networks necessary to successfully apply for suitable opportunities that would allow them to learn, gain skills and experience to become more competitive in the job market.

Read more at the YouthTech blog.

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Mobile Merchant Payments offers the Biggest Opportunity for Financial Inclusion among Youth-Owned Enterprises in Africa

Income-generating micro and small enterprises (MSEs) are one of the main instruments of economic empowerment for millions of young entrepreneurs in Africa. Micro-enterprises also provide employment opportunities to millions of youth across the continent

Read more at YouthTech 

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