In our 2016–2020 Strategy, CYFI will continue its work at the regional and global level, but will focus on providing more tailored support to a selected number of countries. Activities to develop tailored support include: advocacy, technical assistance, capacity building, program/project implementation, exchange of knowledge and best practice documentation and sharing.



CYFI strives to create financial education and financial inclusion awareness for children and youth. In doing so, CYFI supports key stakeholders at the national, regional and global level to include and/or advance financial education and inclusion for young people. CYFI also works to gather support from other leading national, governmental and non-governmental stakeholders in the implementation of key national programs.




CYFI supports partner organizations in identifying gaps in policies supporting the economic empowerment of young people and provides technical assistance to overcome those gaps. CYFI assists network members by conducting thematic trainings and workshops, sharing best practices from other countries and linking consultant expertise with a particular project, curriculum or policy development.





CYFI works together with its stakeholders from around the world to strengthen their capacity as institutions aimed at furthering their financial education and financial inclusion efforts for young people. Such capacity building involves both workshops and trainings ranging from product development to national strategy.





CYFI supports countries with the implementation of financial education and financial inclusion programs, from pilot through to scale-up at the national level. CYFI provides stakeholders with technical assistance and resources, trainings and workshops, and/or matching stakeholders with experts within the network to support the country in making a financial inclusion or financial education program beneficial for youth.





CYFI strives to match stakeholders together with other leading players (both nationally and internally) to enhance collaborative efforts. CYFI also links stakeholders with experts within the network to help support the country in creating financial inclusion/education programs for youth.