These Endorsements set benchmarks for Economic Citizenship Education (ECE) programs and Child and Youth Friendly financial products.

  • CYFI invites organizations commited to promoting economic citizenship to have their product or curriculum endorsed.
  • The product asssesment benchmarks financial products for children and youth against the Child & Youth Friendly Banking Principles, looking at the availability, accessibility and affordability amongst other topics.
  • The curriculum assessment benchmarks educational materials against the Economic Citizenship Education Learning Framework, looking at the incorporation of the three components: 1) financial education, 2) social education, and 3) livelihoods education.

How does it work?

If the product or curriculum passes the assessment, you receive an assessment report and an endorsement logo for promotional purposes.

endorsement report 2

Curriculum Endorsement

banqer New Horizons CFEE aflatoun

Banqer, New Zealand - Endorsed 2017

Developed by teachers, for teachers, Banqer is an online financial education platform that provides a hands-on environment for children ages 6-12 to get curious, creative, and confident with their money. Transforming the classroom into a virtual economy, the platform helps students to experience personal finances first-hand. The Banqer curriculum aligns with the national curricula in New Zealand, Australia and England.

New Horizons Foundation, Romania (affiliated with World Vision International) - Endorsed in 2017

‘SKYE’ (Skills and Knowledge for Youth Economic Empowerment) training material is suitable for 18-25 year olds. Designed for youth leaders to organise activities at ‘SKYE’ youth clubs, the programme targets low-income youth in Jiu Valley region in South Western Romania. The overall method used in this curriculum is hands-on, including both adventure education and service learning.

CFEE, Canada - Endorsed in 2016

‘Money and Youth’, developed specifically for 14-18 year olds, introduces students to the world of money. Covering a broad range of themes, it aims to help them take control over their financial future and achieve success.

Aflatoun International, Netherlands - Endorsed in 2016

‘Aflatot’, ‘Alfatoun’ and ‘Aflateen’ curricula.

•In Aflatot’s curriculum children (ages 3-6) gather the building blocks of social and financial literacy before they reach primary school.

•The Aflatoun’s core programme focuses on children of primary school age (6-14), building on a child’s natural curiosity and teaching them positive associations with themes as children’s rights, saving and enterprise.

•In the Aflateen programme, young people (14-19) explore concepts as age, gender, nationality, ethnicity, socio-economic status and religion as well as the theme of financial education.


Product Endorsement

FTB VTB BankOfGergiaLogo

Finance Trust Bank, Uganda - Endorsed in 2017

‘Girl’s Choice’ Savings Account targets unbanked and vulnerable girls ages 10-19. ‘Teen Classic’ Savings Account targets unbanked and vulnerable teenagers ages 12-17.

•Engaging financial literacy training is offered to all youth clients
•Youth-friendly supervisors manage the relationship with youth clients
•Direct sales officers travel to rural communities, provide training and open accounts for young people
•Account opening is completed in the field using a mobile handset
•Mobile vans collect savings for the youth on specific days to deposit money into savings accounts

VTB/Bank of Moscow - Endorsed in 2015

The ‘Social Card of Muscovite’ is a multifunctional payment card with a chip and data protection. Designed for pupils and students of public and private state-accredited educational institutions in Moscow.

•Banking app UPUP
•Transport app
•Medical service
•Social certificate
•Digital signature

Bank of Georgia - Endorsed in 2016

This Mastercard debit card is equipped with a transport and a contactless payment option. The product is dedicated to children ages 6-18, helping them get accustomed to a financial culture and teaching them to save money and use banking products.

•Government-approved educational programme
•Monitoring of school attendance
•Payments at school canteens
•Free public transportation
•Bonus points on with every transaction made

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