As part of CYFI’s role as Network Advisor, we lead and provide organizational support to workshops and trainings that can assist stakeholders in designing and implementing Economic Citizenship Education (ECE), Financial Inclusion, and entrepreneurship policies or programs for youth.



Product Development workshops have the objective of supporting stakeholders in understanding why child and youth- friendly products and services are important, exploring the business case for products aimed at young people, sharing experiences and expanding and improving participants’ youth product portfolio.

CYFI has facilitated Product Development workshops in Azerbaijan, Egypt, Lebanon, Nigeria, Romania, Ukraine and Zambia.




National Strategy workshops are aimed at supporting government authorities with developing national action plans around Financial Inclusion and Economic Citizenship Education components. The workshops also provide countries with valuable insights on stakeholder management, leadership and governance, and monitoring and evaluation as part of creating a national strategy.

CYFI has facilitated National Strategy workshops in Montenegro as part of our involvement in the South-East Europe Working Group and has hosted a curriculum integration workshop in Belarus.





Encompassing CYFI’s focus on an integrated approach to Financial Inclusion and Economic Citizenship, Schoolbank workshops provide institutions with an understanding of the principles and operational modules for SchoolBank project.

CYFI has facilitated SchoolBank workshops in Colombia, Egypt, Romania, Ukraine and Zimbabwe.






In order to empower teachers to deliver effective financial education using active learning methods, particularly in relation to SchoolBank, Teacher Training workshops presents the concept of an integrated approach to financial education to local stakeholders.

CYFI has facilitated Teacher Trainings in Minsk and Moldova.