Project funded by:


Visegrad Fund

Financial education for Youth – Exchange of experience between Central and Eastern Europe

Building civil society capacity in the region

Project Phase: September 2015 – September 2016

The project is implemented by CYFI with 9 project partners, supported by International Visegrad Fund.


Supported by the V4EaP Program of International Visegrad Fund, the project “Transfer of Visegrad Group countries’ experience and building capacity of civil society organizations in Eastern Europe in the field of youth financial education” is aimed at building institutional capacity of civil society and public institutions in the countries of Visegrad Eastern Partnership Region (Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and Azerbaijan) in the area of financial literacy and economic citizenship education for youth, using extensive experience of V4 countries – Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia - and CYFI network expertise. The project was coordinated by CYFI between September 2015 and October 2016 and iinvolved a kick-off meeting, a Master Training and a series of workshops and seminars for building technical expertise of participating organizations and local stakeholders in the topic, as well as the production of training materials, publications and guides on the topic.

Over the course of just over one year, a variety of activities have been undertaken within the project, with many stakeholders from diverse sectors involved. collaborative approach to identifying the key needs of each participating country in the field of development of youth financial education – each partner organization, in collaboration with CYFI, other local civil society and public institutions and advice from V4 and international experts, has determined the focus of the dissemination activity in accordance to local needs. For instance, Slovak experience in creating a national standard for financial literacy was presented and engaged deep interest in Belarus; while discussing the experience of Polish private and civil society sectors in teaching money-matters in schools served as one of the great examples and basis for the seminar in Ukraine.

During the the Kick-off Meeting of the project, that took place in October 2015 in Bratislava, hosted by the Institute of Banking Education of the National Bank of Slovakia, the best practices and the current state of affairs in V4 and EaP countries were presented and the main direction for the Master Training were chosen. In April 2016 the Master Training took place at the Youth and Children Palace in Tbilisi, with involvement of the project’s V4 experts, as well as international consultants. Connected to this event, the national stakeholders meeting took place in Georgia as well. In the period May-August 2016 dissemination seminars and events took place in Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova and Azerbaijan. You can find out more about the events and activities of the project in the Project Report.

Thanks to the support of Visegrad Fund, a variety of materials were translated from English into Russian during the project, as well as relevant publications and training materials have been produced. A full description and purpose of these materials can be found in the Project Report.

Moreover, a Best Practices Guide on financial education programs in Visegrad countries was produced during the course of the project.


Project partners:

Microfinance Center – Poland , Institute of Banking Education of the National Bank of Slovakia , The Foundation for Improvement of Financial Culture (Alapítvány a Pénzügyi Kultúra Fejlesztéséért) – Hungary, European Financial Planning Association – Czech Republic, LEPL National Youth and Children Palace of Georgia , Banking University – Ukraine, Institute of Educational Sciences – Republic of Moldova, Youth Entrepreneurship Support and Development Center – Belarus, Reliable Youth Future NGO – Azerbaijan


Kick-off meeting – Bratislava, Slovakia

Master Training – Tbilisi, Georgia

Curriculum integration workshop & teacher training – Minsk, Belarus

Financial inclusion and education for youth training – Kiev, Ukraine

Active learning and teacher training – Chisinau, Moldova

Active learning methods and product development workshop - Baku, Azerbaijan